Program Overview

  1. Students can give U.S. Air Force ROTC a "shot" for up to two years with absolutely NO MILITARY OBLIGATION (as freshman and sophomore)
  2. We will help you develop leadership skills applicable to civilian and/or military lifestyles
  3. Several exclusive military clubs, service organizations, and honor societies exist within U.S. Air Force ROTC
  4. Frequent activities include physical training, leadership skills exercises, group problem solving challenges, community involvement activities, base visits, and much more

  1. Allows students to become U.S. Air Force Officers while completing a Bachelor's degree
  2. Provides cadets with uniforms, books, and equipment for all U.S. Air Force ROTC classes at no cost
  3. Prepares cadets to assume positions of increasing responsibility and importance in the U.S. Air Force and beyond in their civilian careers
  4. Offers many opportunities for hands-on experience and leadership skills development

  1. Competitive scholarships are available for all academic majors
  2. Contracted and scholarship cadets receive a monthly non-taxable $300-$500 stipend depending on year in program and scholarship cadets receive $900 textbook allowance

  1. Freshman sign up for Fall class AIS 101 or Spring Class AIS 102
  2. Sophomore sign up for Fall class AIS 201 or Spring Class AIS 202
  3. Junior sign up for Fall class AIS 301 or Spring Class AIS 302
  4. Senior sign up for Fall class AIS 401 or Spring Class AIS 402
  5. Cross-town students should contact Detachment 155 Cadre for course codes


To contact Det 155 Cadre, please call (305) 284-2870 or email at