Detachment 155 Clubs

  • Arnold Air Society: Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization that develops leaders. With this club, you will be working on improving your leadership skills outside of PMT. This club has 23 cadets who work as a family to help others. Everybody is committed to putting others in front of themselves because that is what leaders do; think about the people that need help in front of their own needs. Within the club, you will be doing community service and attend briefings so that you can be better than yesterday. These cadets who are dedicated to their community and to become an Air Force Officer.
  • Color Guard: Color Guard is a 3 or 4 person team that represents the exactitude and discipline of the military through the presentation and demonstration of flags and rifles. In the Color guard club, cadets are able to represent every airman in the United States Air Force, whether it is raising the flag in the morning in front of the entire detachment or standing in an arena of people with cameras broadcasting to the big screens. In this club, you can be the cadet that represents the uniform, the Colors, and the respect that’s earned as an Airman in the United States Air Force.
  • Flight Ops: Flight Ops Club is a club for cadets who are interested in pursuing a career in aviation in the Air Force. In the flight ops club, the fundamentals of flight and more advanced information are learned, in addition to meeting other cadets with similar interests and getting a hands on experience through flight simulators. The flight ops club also helps cadets with the AFOQT and later the TBAS (Test of Basic Aviation Skills). Commitment is very important in this club in order to succeed and fly high.
  • Special Warfare Club: A club where exceeding the standard is the standard. This small group of cadets consider themselves to be brothers and sisters due to the hard work and dedication they put in. This is a physically demanding club where almost everyone wants to pursue a career in Special Warfare in the United States Air Force. This isn’t only about fitness but also about teamwork and problem solving. Even though this club may sound very hard, they try to have fun when they work out either in the gym or in the pool. This club is the perfect fit for whomever is preparing for the Special Warfare Officer Selection process.